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Scholarships & Technical Events

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON SCHOLARSHIPS, TECHNICAL EVENTS OR OTHER ISSUES CONTACT THE CPGCE SECTARY AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the CPGCE



The CPGCE would like to invite you to the next Technical presentation:

10th June, 2015 - AlbertaSat Project - Liftoff Alberta 2016!

Charles Nokes - Project Manager


AlbertaSat began as a student group in 2010 responding to the call of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) – an innovative new Canada wide competition encouraging university students to cross the boundaries of what is considered a normal education and try their hand at spacecraft design. The first CSDC competition was a marvellous exercise in experimentation and curiosity as the students of AlbertaSat studied the dynamics of orbital control and considered the effects of free molecular friction on a spacecraft in the upper atmosphere.

Mr. Nokes will provide insight on the AlbertaSat Group and the experimental Albertan #1 satellite (or Ex Alta 1) project that is currently in development. Ex Alta 1 is a cubesatellite that will be studying space weather in low earth orbit.  It will be launched into space in February 2016 and will study space weather for 7-9 months before burning up upon re-entry.  Mr. Nokes will discuss in depth what space weather is and why it is an important field of study.  Furthermore,  he will describe the design, building and testing of the Ex Alta 1 satellite and how it will operate and measure space weather once it is launched into space.

Mr. Nokes Bio

Charles Nokes was born in 1993 in Belgium.  His family moved to Canada in 2000, and settled in Lacombe, Alberta.  In grade 10, Charles helped found the Lacombe Composite High School EcoVision club, a project-based environmental group. He graduated high school in 2011, valedictorian of his graduating class.  In recognition of his work with EcoVision and various other projects he received the APEGA Millennium Scholarship, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Citizenship medal, the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship, and a University of Alberta Academic Excellence Scholarship with Dean’s citation.

Charles is currently in his 5th year studying Engineering Physics at the University of Alberta.  In May 2014 Charles received a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) award to carry out research in the domain of space physics at the U of A under the guidance of Prof. Ian Mann.  In February 2015, Charles traveled to Norway to launch a small rocket into space to measure effects of space weather on GPS signal interference in the polar region. 

Charles joined the AlbertaSat group - which is building the first made in Alberta satellite to launch into space in February 2016 - in September 2013 and in September 2014, Charles was asked to take on the role of project manager.

In his spare time he enjoys dancing, playing the violin with the University Symphony Orchestra, and rowing.

Technical Events Venue

727, 11th Ave. S.W., Calgary.



The Canadian Prairies Group of Chartered Engineers (CPGCE) is a multi-disciplinary group of members of the UK Engineering Institutions: ICE, IET, IMechE and IStructE, who reside in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.

CPGCE has been actively arranging technical events for many years bringing together industry experts to get an update on projects, challenges, and opportunities. These events provide an excellent networking opportunity for professionals in a relaxed setting.

A cordial welcome to the Members of our sponsoring Institutions who have recently arrived in the Canadian Prairies.


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