Information on the CPGCE Award


The Canadian Prairies Group of Chartered Engineers would like to invite Engineering Students to apply for one of two scholarship awards of $1500.00.

Who can apply;

Engineering students undergoing post-secondary education in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and NWT.

They can be from any of the Electrical and Instrumentation, Mechanical, Civil, Structural and Chemical discipline areas, and studying for a degree or diploma.


Aged 17+, and in their 1st to 4th year of study.

Become a student (free-no commitment) member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, who are providing the award.

Write an essay regarding engineering (1200+ words), and how engineering can change the world or another engineering subject (70% of evaluation criteria).

Write a letter on how the benefit of this award will improve your contribution to the engineering profession (20%).

Submit your resume and copy of current transcript proving enrolment in post secondary education (10%).

All submissions to be in PDF format.

•  Please provide the following information in your application:

Applicant’s Name:

Mailing address:


Email address:

Name of College/University:

Scholarship applications are to be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by November 1st 2017.

Awarded December 2017

IMeche membership can be found at

The Canadian Prairies Group of Chartered Engineers are the local Calgary multidiscipline chapter of 4 UK and Worldwide engineering institutions, who meet 8 times a year to promote engineering.

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