Technical Presentation: Biomechanical Analysis of Gait

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October 9, 2019

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7:00 pm


The Danish Canadian Club
727, 11th Ave SW, Calgary


Understanding Legged Locomotion: Why Normal is Normal

Normal locomotion has been rigorously described, but it remains not well understood. Why do we walk and run as we do when other options exist? When considering the movement of humans and other animals, we are observing a solution but without the problem properly identified. The process of developing legged robots provides an opportunity, sometimes frustratingly so, of discovering the problems that biology has solved.

This presentation describes Prof. Bertram’s work integrating with robotics to determine the role of dynamics and energetics in the strategies selected for legged locomotion in humans and other animals.


Dr. John EA Bertram, PhD

John Bertram started in zoology at UBC then transitioned to comparative biomechanics, researching biomaterials (hoof & bone), structures (skeletons & trees) and most recently works at the system level in legged locomotion.

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The Danish Canadian Club
727, 11th Ave SW, Calgary