Technical Webinar: Why Hydrogen?

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June 17, 2020

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8:00 pm


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Concern about Green House Gas (GHG) emissions is growing. Individuals, governments and organizations are looking for solutions. Over the past 4 decades, Canada has developed a world leading hydrogen and fuel cell sector, supplying products and services around the world. Over the past three years, interest and activity in hydrogen for energy applications has ramped up globally and this shows every indication of continuing. That is due to the growing awareness of how hydrogen for energy application complements other clean technologies to provide a complete

solution. Unlike past commercialization efforts, the situation is different due to advances in fuel cell technology, hydrogen supply and policy. It is vital that Canada also moves quickly to deploy hydrogen for energy application because:

i) it is essential to achieve net-zero 2050;
ii) it is a Canadian strength and will lead to jobs and investment; and
iii) it is inclusive, both in terms of how clean hydrogen can be produced from many

energy sources and in terms of how it provides choice to Canadians and Canadian industry – allowing them to thrive in a carbon constrained world.

Hydrogen energy adoption is progressing, but the concern is time and maintaining Canadian leadership. The CHFCA recommends seven measures for government and industry to take to accelerate commercialization: acknowledgement; policy; hydrogen infrastructure; early adopter support; research; and stimulus.


Mr. Mark Kirby

Mr. Kirby joined CHFCA as President and CEO in August, 2019. A mechanical engineering graduate with an honours degree from the University of British Columbia, he has led the commercialization of many clean technologies, including hydrogen energy technologies.

Mr. Kirby was a founder and CEO of S2G BioChemicals Inc., a Vancouver-based industrial biotech company 2nd-generation technology for sustainable bioproducts. Over a 10-year period, Mr. Kirby secured investment and strategic partnerships that enabled it to develop into a leading bioproducts company. In 2018, S2G was acquired by Fortress Global Industries, a Canadian forest products company, becoming Fortress Advanced Bioproducts.

Prior to starting S2G, Mark led business and technology development, operations and commercialization in the food, industrial gases, fuel cell and forest products industries with fuel cell leader Ballard Power, Canadian hydrogen technology start-up QuestAir Technologies and global industrial gases company Praxair.


8pm, June 17th, 2020.

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