Technical Webinar: How Space Travel Impacts Bones

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March 9, 2022

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7:00 pm


For recording of the presentation, please see the video below


Since 2014 we have conducted a study on astronauts who spend six months on the International Space Station. While it is known that bone loss occurs in astronauts who are subjected to microgravity for extended periods of time, it is not well understood what happens to the microarchitecture that give our bones strength. Using high resolution computed tomography, we measured astronaut bones before and after spending time on the ISS to monitor changes in structure and strength, and then for a year upon their return to Earth to monitor their recovery. This work is important for understanding what affects long-duration space flight has on astronauts, and it is particularly relevant as missions to the Moon and Mars are being planned in the near future. This study is funded by the Canadian Space Agency and is conducted in partnership with the European Space Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and NASA.


Dr. Steven Boyd

Dr. Boyd is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary performing research in the area of osteoporosis, with a particular focus on bone microarchitecture and non-invasive estimation of strength. He is Director of the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Research and is cross appointed in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Schulich School of Engineering. He holds the Bob and Nola Rintoul Chair in Bone and Joint Research, and the McCaig Chair in Bone and Joint Health.


7pm, March 9th, 2022.

For recording of the presentation, please see the attached video.