Artificial Intelligence: Friend, Foe, or Frenemy?

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February 21, 2024

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7:00 pm


Danish Canadian Club


AI hype is so pervasive that, at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Tropicana tried to stand out with its “non-AI orange juice.”  There is little doubt AI will change our lives both for better and for the worse, in ways we can only partly foresee. Tom will take us on a tour of the best and worst of AI and where he thinks it is heading.


Dr. Tom Keenan

Dr. Tom Keenan is an award-winning professor and cybersecurity researcher at the University of Calgary.  He has taught in five faculties including Engineering and guest lectured on five continents. He appears frequently in the media, and his 2014 book Technocreep: The Surrender of Privacy and the Capitalization of Intimacy, is still selling well.


7pm, February 21st, 2024.

Danish Canadian Club, Calgary