Technical Webinar: Single Source of Truth – How the Point Cloud is Changing Surveying

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April 14, 2021

Start Time

7:00 pm


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Tronnes Geomatics Inc. has been providing legal, topographic, engineering and construction surveying services to Albertans for 55 years. Originally founded as Tronnes Surveys in 1966, Tronnes expanded into 3D laser scanning in 2003 as an early adopter of the technology in Alberta. Since then, the company has expanded its 3D scanning offerings to include BIM, mobile mapping, inverted scanning of underground services and can deliver content over the web to clients on browser-based viewers.

We intend to share our experience in what we commonly refer to as High-Definition Surveying. We will discuss:

· Where we have come from since 2003
· Current platforms and industry acceptance
· Why we believe this technology is just getting started.
· Current applications for 3D scanning
· Cost to scan and why it will get cheaper.


Stephen Tronnes

Stephen Tronnes (BComm) is the President of Tronnes Surveys and Tronnes Geomatics. He will be joined by Nathan Prins, ALS, SLS – Partner and Legal Land Surveyor, Kent Nicholson, Dip Survey Tech. – Partner, V.P. Tronnes Geomatics, and Geneva Chow, BSc Geography, GIS – 3D Mapping lead.


7pm, April 14th, 2020.

Webinar link to follow via mailing list email