Technical Webinar: Sulphur Contamination & Reclamation

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May 12, 2021

Start Time

7:00 pm


For recording of the presentation, please see the video below


The presentation will deal with:

  • Properties of Sulphur and its use: Relevant physical properties such as low thermal and electrical conductivity. Molecular characteristics of liquid and solid sulphur in the typical temperature ranges encountered.
  • Sources of Sulphur, Production Quantities: Two primary sources are:
    o Voluntary production from mining, discrete ore deposits, volcanic deposits, etc., and
    o Involuntary production from natural gas and oil processing, which accounts for more than 80% of the world’s production in 99.9% pure form.
  • Transportation (Pipelines, Rail Cars, Trucks, etc.)
  • Environmental Issues in the soil and air: Production of liquid sulphur results in products such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and sulphur vapours. Solid sulphur results in acidification of the soil in the enviros when sulphur-loving microbes attack the sulphur under the right conditions to produce sulphurous acid.
  • Processes in dealing with these issues
  • Need for Melting, Sulphur Re-Melting and Issues
  • Re-Melting Processes
  • Conclusions


Jasmed (Jimie) P. Irani Ph.D, P.Eng.

Education • B.S., University Of Madras, Chemical Engineering, Chennai, India • M.S., Stanford University, Chemical Engineering, California. • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, State University of Buffalo, New York.

Experienced professional in the sulphur industry for over 35 years. Have served in several diverse disciplines from R&D and Process Engineering to Operations, Project and Engineering Management.

Successful and proven track record in the industry, having accomplished innovative and creative advancements in technologies related to sulphur forming, degassing as well as re-melting.

Has co-authored five patents in these fields that have been successfully implemented in commercial installations.

Have extensive hands-on experience both with lab scale, pilot and commercially operating plants. Been an integral team member of commissioning groups for units in Canada, U.S. and internationally in the Middle East countries, Germany, France, South Africa and Kazakhstan. 


7pm, May 12th, 2021.

For recording of the presentation, please see the attached video