Technical Webinar: Emissions Management

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December 8, 2021

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7:00 pm


For recording of the presentation, please see the video below


As Canadian petroleum and natural gas infrastructure grow, the Emissions and EPA(Environmental Pollution Agency) regulations are in effect. The watchdogs will monitor and inspect facilities/ plants and pipelines to make sure that changes have been made to new and existing facilities, storage tank farms, pipeline stations, during their construction/optimization, commissioning, and lifetime. These need to be maintained regularly. Government regulations are becoming strict and also changes during the life of the facilities rendering some system components noncompliant. In today’s world, a lot of regulatory authorities have come up with codes on emissions, namely: CSA, API, ISO, Environment and climate change Canada, CAPP, AWHEM, ISA, FCA. We are going to discuss the history of emissions, key areas, where the industry is headed, and future of emissions in our industry, current practices, and upcoming regulations.


Gobind N Khiani

Gobind N Khiani, a UCalgary alumnus with a BSc in Civil Engineering and MSc in Mechanical Engineering is a seasoned change-maker, impacting industrial corporations and start-ups. He has a proven track record in technical and value engineering and holds a Fellowship in Engineering and an MBA. He is the founder of Users Group (Engineering and Technical Subject Matter Experts), Alberta. Currently he holds the position of Vice Chairman of Standards Council of Canada. He has done peer review on Emissions Management regulatory documents for Environment and Climate Change Canada and participated in research and development initiatives for Emissions Management and Reduction Programs, Alberta and Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) – a world-leading innovation alliance that set the model for sharing intellectual property to accelerate environmental performance.

Gobind draws upon a unique mix of public safety policy and start-up/venture capital experience. He has over 24 years of energy sector experience including regulatory, standards, technical compliance, strategy, governance, digital innovation, engineering management, technology, sustainable development, and operations. He is also skilled in Asset Integrity and Maintenance Management. Gobind is involved in technical standards (energy, tech, public safety) and has been a mentor/judge at First Robotics Western Canada. He is also the past chair of Calgary Branch Executive Committee of APEGA.


7pm, December 8th, 2021

For recording of the presentation, please see the attached video.