Technical Webinar: Sustainable Living – Building on an Arctic Career

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June 8, 2021

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7:00 pm


For recording of the presentation, please see the video below


Arno’s Vancouver Island Harmless Home is representative of his commitment to sustainable living. A link to a video on his home is provided below, and you will enjoy viewing it for a good introduction. Arno’s presentation will go way beyond the home, and concentrate on what and how we can really make change and difference – to start living within the one earth resources. We are not quite there yet with what we have done thus far, BUT not that far from it!

Harmless Home video link:

You are welcome to share this link. The video was made by Frances Litman, a well known BC eco promoter. “Creatively United” is her organization.


Arno Keinonen, D.Sci, M.Sci

Arno graduated in 1972 from Helsinki University of Technology. After graduation as Master of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, he served in the Finnish Army – which all males in Finland had to do. In Arno’s case, he was in the Navy. On to the Wärtsilä Ice Model Basin, 1973 – 1979. First year as a research Engineer and then promoted to Head of Icebreaker Research, in charge of the first Western Ice Model basin. Arno got his Doctorate in Icebreaking 1979. Then – Dome petroleum, 1979 – 1984. First year he was the Manager of Icebreaker research, and from there eventually became the Manager of Arctic Research (when Ken Croasdale changed employers). AKAC INC, Arno founded the company in 1984 and moved it to Victoria in the year 2000, and continued to operate it till 2015 when he sold the company. This brought Arno back to the original Arctic icebreaker research and construction company in Finland (same place where he started his career!). AKAC’s the buyer was Aker Arctic. Arno continued for 2 years as a senior adviser to the new owners of AKAC. Following retirement in 2017, Arno and his wife went on to develop and build a Harmless Home. Arno’s continued innovating and ongoing commitment to excellence is highlighted by his Harmless Home on Vancouver Island.


7pm, June 8th, 2021.

For recording of the presentation, please see the attached video